At Walla Walla General Store we believe that a well-lived life has a balance of family, friends, home, work, community and personal enrichment. There is equity in the mix and richness in every day. When the balance shifts, the life shifts. And we have found ourselves in this moment. A time of joyful shift: the Universe is sending us a message.

Walla Walla General Store will be closing our doors for good Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023 at 1pm.

For good you ask? You betcha! Life is calling...


Bowie & Gracie's

Holiday Gift Guide

Recently Gracie brought it to our attention that she and Bowie have yet to produce a feature for Walla Walla General Store. “How about the biggest piece of the year?” we said. “You guys wanna take a whack at the Holiday Gift Guide?” Wag, wag and two toothy grins were the enthusiastic response. THAT IS BETTER THAN A FRENCH TOAST BULLY STRIP!! 


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