Tua Wall Light

Storied lamps and lights handmade in Co, Wicklow, Ireland from forgotten wood

Copperfish is a family business that creates small batch light fixtures and lamps from old timber selected for its provenance and character. Each lamp tells a story through the materials chosen for its creation, from salvaged wood used as ballast on convict ships returning from Australia to custom designed LED bulbs carefully tinted to remove glare. Eoin Shanley designs and crafts each piece by hand in his studio for your enjoyment.

Your lamp will come with a handwritten label describing its particular provenance and the Copperfish stamp of authenticity.

Due to the natural materials and handmade nature of these lamps, each is unique and the color, grain and finish of the wood will vary from lamp to lamp. 

All bulbs are long-life LED and have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours/10 years approx.