Picardie Stackable Glass Tumbler (set of 6)

3.125 ounces, 8.75 ounces, 12.625 ounces, 17.625 ounces

The Useful Tool Co.
Professional grade multi-purpose kitchen tools that work

Curated by Walla Walla General Store from a variety of sources, The Useful Tool Co. is a collection of hard working multi tasking basics for the kitchen. Striving to move away from plastics and one trick wonders, this collection of tools are tried and true work horses of your home and professional kitchen.  

This classic, stackable design is knows as the "original French tumbler". It is perfect for serving water, iced tea, juice, lemonade, liquor and cocktails.

They boast a durable, impact and chip resistant construction that is both functional and stylish.

Set of six stacking tumblers.