Mind and Body Wash

Small – 2 ounces
Medium – 16 ounces
Large – 1 gallon

Bathing Culture
Celebrating the simple necessity, art and tradition of bathing with products that serve people and planet first

Certified organic, cruelty free, and biodegradable, Bathing Culture is a full mind and body experience. With formulas that are sensitive skin aware and made with purely plants, no chemicals, no synthetic fragrances or ingredients, just a dab will do you. One of the only companies to use bottles made from 100% recycled, California collected and reprocessed bottles. Refillable. This scent will transport you to the great Redwood canopies of California.

This Cathedral Grove scent will transport you to the Redwood canopies of Northern California. This naturally radical, certified-organic, all-purpose soap is a concentrated formula; 8. oz = 80 showers, so just a little dab will do you. 

Ingredients – Organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, natural plant glycerin (soy bean), aloe vera, shea butter, guar bean, citric acid& essential oils.

Certified organic