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Kitten Teeth Earrings (Sterling Silver)

Kitten Teeth Earrings (Sterling Silver)

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Sterling Silver
Stud is approximately .2 inches / 5mm across

These earrings are cast from a tiny, found kitten tooth. The abstract, triangular shape evokes a mountain range.

Felis catus

Kitten's first set of teeth, often referred to as milk teeth, come in when kittens are between three and eight weeks old. Cats have 26 milk teeth and 30 permanent teeth - which start to come in when cats are around three months old and replace the first set of teeth over the next few months.

Archaeologists have dated cats' domestication back to around 7500 BCE. Through domestication cats' anatomy and behavior has only changed in small ways and they are still adept at surviving in the wild.

Persistent wildness, play, the sweet thrum of a purr.

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