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Greenfeast Spring Summer

Greenfeast Spring Summer

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Nigel Slater 
319 pages
5.75 x 1.25 x 8 inches 

For years, Nigel Slater has been ritualistically writing down everything he eats in a little black notebook. These are not kitchen chronicles, but a daily diary of what ends up on his plate. These notes shape the plant-based recipes in his new book, Greenfeast. With 110 spring and summer recipes Slater provides nourishing and simple plant-based suppers while paying homage to the warm seasons. Nigel Slater’s famous one-line recipe introductions inspire and these inventive recipes showcase combinations such as Asparagus, Broad Bean & Eggs; Ricotta, Orange Blossom & Cherries; and Halloumi, Melon & Chile.  

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