Greenfeast Spring Summer

Nigel Slater 
319 pages
5.75 x 1.25 x 8 inches 

“Books are a uniquely portable magic”
Stephen King, On Writing 

A picture book. A book with pictures. At Walla Walla General Store we are inspired and delighted by books that allow us to disappear into another world. Art books to stretch the possible and question everything, interiors books to show us new patterns and arrangements and ways of living and cookbooks to allow us to travel to Thailand or New York City or anywhere a date palm will grow. We have a small, everchanging collection of titles for various dreams and ponderings. 

For years, Nigel Slater has been ritualistically writing down everything he eats in a little black notebook. These are not kitchen chronicles, but a daily diary of what ends up on his plate. These notes shape the plant-based recipes in his new book, Greenfeast. With 110 spring and summer recipes Slater provides nourishing and simple plant-based suppers while paying homage to the warm seasons. Nigel Slater’s famous one-line recipe introductions inspire and these inventive recipes showcase combinations such as Asparagus, Broad Bean & Eggs; Ricotta, Orange Blossom & Cherries; and Halloumi, Melon & Chile.