Galvanized Pail (5 Quart)

9 × 9 × 7 inches
5 quart
Galvanized steel

Behrens – since 1911
True authenticity and unmatched quality melded out of American pride. America’s #1 Steel Container Manufacturer

It all starts in Winona Minnesota, an island city cradled by the Mississippi River on one side and towering limestone bluffs on the other. Henry Behrens came to America in 1867 from Germany and found his way to Winona. On the second floor of the Hardware store he opened, Henry’s 14 year old son Henry Jr. tinkered and played with metal until the “Cyclone Spinner” clothes washer was invented. Behrens Manufacturing was born. The handcrafted heritage of Behrens products can be seen in the continued strength and confidence in the materials. Behrens, to inspire, to bring joy and add beauty. Metal recycles forever.