Frazada - Bravo

  • Approximately 55 x 61 inches
  • 100% hand spun wool
  • Shake or vacuum regularly
  • Dry clean only when cleaning is required

  • Intiearth
    peruvian goods. crafted by hand. curated for the home.

    Jenni Li founded Intiearth to honor the beauty of Peru’s indigenous materials and traditional techniques. Peru has the longest continuous history of textile production in the world, dating back 6000 years. Intiearth’s thoughtfully handcrafted frazada textiles and Totora reed baskets are produced through Fair Trade workshops and artisan partnerships. Born in Peru and raised in the United States, Jenni remains passionate about craftsmanship, respecting our planet, and the cultures that paved the way.

    Vintage frazadas can be used as a rug, blanket, wall hanging, or decorative throw. 

    Woven by hand on a back strap loom with techniques used for centuries in the rural communities high in the Andes Mountains. Each piece is one of a kind.