Engraved Aspen Forest Hurricane

9 x 6 inches
Handblown glass

Simon Pearce 
“We Search for Character, And Then Blend That with Function.”

Simon Pearce grew up in an Irish family of Artisans. At 16 he began as an apprentice in his father’s pottery studio. From there he went on to work with notable glassmakers all over Europe before opening his own studio.  In the age of bigger, better, faster- Simon Pearce holds space for simple, quality artisanship.  Each handcrafted piece is designed to last generations  and carries a story that lends meaning, authenticity, and grace to every use, every day.

This etched, hand blown glass is inspired by the connectedness of the Aspen tree. Groups of Aspen trees are called stands, each tree vibrantly connected underground by one root system. Simon Pearce has captured this interconnected beauty by etching a thicket of branches onto this simple cylindrical shape.