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Northwest Skillet Company



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37 inches tall, carbon steel cooktop is 0.375 inches thick and 30 inches in diameter
Carbon steel

Northwest Skillet Company
Unsurpassed performance, design and craftsmanship

Blacksmith Peter Clark is the sole craftsman behind Northwest Skillet Co. Each piece of carbon steel or copper cookware is spun and smithed by hand at Homestead Spring Farm and Forge along the Oregon trail in Northeast Oregon. 

Nothing cooks like carbon steel. It is naturally stick resistant, light weight, and heat responsive. This cookware will continue to season with use, getting better with time. 

This hand-forged Plancha is freestanding and wood-fired, a real show stopper! The 3/8 inch thick, 30 inch diameter carbon steel cook top is pre-seasoned, ready to bring out the deeply satisfying flavors of your favorite foods. The hand-forged base with its classic mortise and tenon joinery cradles the fire bowl for easy leveling of the cooktop.

Carbon Steel is naturally stick resistant, with no chemical treatments added, nor coatings to strip or destroy. Instead, our cookware continues to season with use, and just gets better with time

The cooktop is pre-seasoned and ready to cook after a light washing with soap and water right before your first cook. We recommend cooking with a high temp oil such as avocado oil. Scrape food residue off when hot, deglaze with water and scrape again. Once the surface has cooled we like to use a pumice stone and water for cleaning. A green scotch-brite and a light hand would also work well. Do not scrub off the black carbon layer. That is your seasoning. Oil with cooking oil immediately after every cleaning. When not in use keep the cooking surface very well oiled to prevent rust. Storage under a roof is recommended. A cover that prevents air circulation can lead to rusting. Best to keep well ventilated and well oiled with cooking oil.

The stand has been pre-waxed to protect it from rusting. It can be allowed to rust naturally over time or you can apply wax as desired. We use a bowling alley wax, but any good quality carnauba wax will also work. We do not recommend car wax. It will leave a white haze. To apply the wax: Heat the steel stand until you can see the water being driven off. This happens at about 250 degrees. Paint on the wax with a disposable brush, if the wax smokes the steel is too hot. Polish when cool.

Available for in-store pickup, or call 509-522-0500 for custom shipping quote.

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