Citronella Coil (5 Pack)

Set of 5 small citronella incense coils
Tan coil with black hanging thread
36 hour burn time per coil

Hanging citronella coil to keep insects at bay. Hang this all-natural citronella incense outdoors, light on one end, and enjoy a long burn time, and a fragrant, floral smell.

Citronella is a commonly used insect repellent that is non-toxic to humans and animals. Citronella grass originated in southeast Asia but is now grown throughout much of the tropics.

Do not leave your coil in the rain, submerge it in water, or leave it outside for too long. The coil is fragile and cannot withstand large amounts of water.

Also available: This citronella coil pairs with the small citronella stand for tabletop use.