Ballast Table Lamp

Felled in Western Australia in the 1800s, the Jarrah wood used in this collection made its way to Ireland as ballast on emptied prison ships. This “Swan River Mahogany” found its second life as a Steam Age railway sleeper in a far-flung corner of rural Ireland. These salvaged hardwood lamps were milled from the few remaining Jarrah sleepers that were tracked down.

The lamps in this collection are simultaneously soft and architectural with their hand-sanded rounded edges and copper stems. The extraordinary hues in this ancient salvaged timber are accentuated by the contrasting bright copper boat nails. 

The pear shaped bulb is encased in a hand-cut frame of ancient Jarrah and sits on a copper stem.  The fittings are brass, aged to give a vintage feel and the lamp is finished with a twisted, braided cord and a black on/off switch.  

Your lamp will come with a handwritten label describing its particular provenance and the Copperfish stamp of authenticity.

Due to the natural materials and handmade nature of these lamps, each is unique and the color, grain and finish of the wood will vary from lamp to lamp. All lamps are made by hand in a studio in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow using time honored skills and the finest materials.

All bulbs are long-life LED and have an expected lifespan of 30,000 hours/10 years approx.