We believe simple things foster contentment and beauty. A beautiful knife, a simple fry pan, a great notebook, a bite of buttery dark chocolate, a blanket for all seasons. All these things contribute to a full life. We are about living well with what works for you. We provide purpose driven goods for home and kitchen and useful gifts for all. We delight in delight. With a balance of price points and a thorough knowledge of how our things are made, we strive to provide our clients with the service we want. A warm hello, a relaxed visit, and time well spent are what we offer you.  

“We” are Jean Bender and Peggy Frasse, Founding Partners in Walla Walla General Store. After 60 or so combined years in customer focused professions, we wanted to create our own “place to go”. We each came to Walla Walla to live in Walla Walla. We love living in this small town with its friendly, sincere people, wonderful rolling hills and engaging downtown. Walla Walla is the promise of a small footprint and a big life.

Walla Walla General Store is our love note to our town and anyone, anywhere who wants to experience our curated selection of go-to items for home and life.

We believe home is a refuge. A place apart from the world that is yours to inhabit. We provide you with a wide range of choices to comfort, sustain, engage and delight. We are here for you. Stop by, give us a call, send us a DM, join us on this journey to a home for all. We are glad to have you.

Thank you for stopping by,
Jean and Peggy