Where is the mural?

The mural faces Poplar Street between Colville and 1st Ave.

Map our address at 110 E Alder Street, Walla Walla 99362 and access the mural from Poplar Street.

About the Artist

Jesse Kassel

Jesse Kassel’s work is bold, colorful and walks a fine line between representationalism and abstraction. Having a family history of professional illustrators and painters, he was fully supported in pursuing a career in the Arts. After graduating from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, where he is based, Kassel found himself assisting artists on mural projects from Cozumel to Honolulu. Within a few years of learning the methods of working on a large scale, he began receiving commissions for murals in his own style. Since then Kassel has worked with familiar names such as ACLU, Ally Bank, Ford, Google, Jameson, Meta, Shake Shack, Vans, Warby Parker and WeWork along with many wonderful small business owners around the world.


The Mural

The inspiration for creating a mural came to Jean on her first visit to the space when she realized the back of the building lacked connection to Alder Street and all that is downtown. The search for an artist to enhance our shoebox of a building, standing in a parking lot, took two years. It was important to find a graphic artist with experience working at this scale, with mural as a medium, and with the style and aesthetic that met our goals. 

The goal of the mural is to create a visual link for people to connect Poplar Street, on the south side of downtown, to Main Street in the middle. We hope the mural becomes a landmark from which to navigate. Please come by and see it up close and in person. Selfies welcome!

Please tag us @wallawallageneralstore