At Walla Walla General Store we believe that a well-lived life has a balance of family, friends, home, work, community and personal enrichment. There is equity in the mix and richness in every day. When the balance shifts, the life shifts. And we have found ourselves in this moment. A time of joyful shift: the Universe is sending us a message.

Walla Walla General Store will be closing our doors for good Christmas Eve, December 24, 2023 at 1pm.

For good you ask? You betcha! Life is calling...

And here is what we'll be up to:

Jean will be fulfilling her dream of piling into a camper van with Gracie to wander her way back to New York.

Maddie and Bowie are taking their love of people and strategy out into the wider world. Find Maddie here.

Haley is off to graduate school to study Library Science.

Jane will be working toward realizing a local, sustainable, up-cycled fashion resource.

Sandra will be focusing on her thriving Rock Art business and keeping kitties cuddled at Blue Mountain Humane Society.

Laura will be embracing her inner “desert rat” in New Mexico.

Sarah, the queen of all things General Store that you see on Instagram and Facebook, will be welcoming her first baby in November.

The goal of Walla Walla General Store has always been to be a resource for quality goods, a warm welcome and a spark of delight. With that in mind please check out our very full calendar with weekend specials and events. Come on in and get that thing you’ve had your eye on. We look forward to seeing you!