Dipped Taper Candles (Moss)

12 inch and 18 inch heights

The Floral Society
The Floral Society aims to open a world of flowers, gardening and casual entertaining through thoughtfully designed goods inspired by nature.

Founded by Sierra Steifman of New York’s boutique floral house Poppies and Posies, The Floral Society is dedicated to sharing their expertise through the design and development of tools and objects where form follows function and function is driven by a constant collaboration with nature. Deliberately designed as essential tools informed by the requirements of professional floral designers to evoke the natural world as well as be inspired by the elemental shapes, textures and colors found within it.

These tapers are crafted to burn drip-free at a rate of approximately 1 hour per inch. Each candle is dipped 35 times for a superior depth of color, and pairs are joined by a braided cotton wick for the cleanest burn.