YES, please! October 2022 - Archive Edition

Shorter days and cooler evenings call for embracing the beauties of harvest and anticipating the enthusiasm of Halloween. Pull up to an everlasting squash, light an elegant taper, and join us as we dive into all that is Fall.


Oh, the colors! The smell of fallen LEAVES, early frosty nights and being able to see your breath on the air.

‘Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble;
Fillet of a fenny snake, In the CAULDRON boil and bake...”
Thank you, William. Just sayin’.

Like a CARDIGAN, but better. I have taken to reaching for this…

Fare thee well! To be a kitten or a WITCH? And where are they going, and why are the kitties left behind?

Simple, elegant and spare. A pumpkin in its plainest rendition, EVERLASTING and stackable.

An added pop of WHIMSY and color for all, and any, occasion. I am adding this to my current rotation.

The Fall always makes me long for the land of my birth. A serene view of the HUDSON from an elegant perch.

The idea that when a tree bud goes astray it can form an exquisite and UNIQUE growth is inspiring.

The original scary villain. Perhaps even the GOAT


Every pumpkin lover’s dream come true. Refined, ELEGANT and eternal. I am adding a little Autumn whimsy into my home.

I am having a FULL VELVET moment. Say “yes” to a cuddly pumpkin.

I am not ready yet to let go of a summer of swimming and beaches. So I will wrap myself
in this wearable art and cozy up in the scene of nature, water and BATHING LADIES

I do not tire of these INSPIRING colors. This is a wonderful way to capture glimpses of Fall by adding color and warmth to my home.

The colors of Fall on WANDERINGS through Mougin, Cassis and Provence. Orange and burgundy, gold and russet, for such a brief moment every year.

This painting brings me back to being 23 and on my first tour of the Tate. I had fallen hard for Turner and then I saw Ophelia. The beautiful WILDFLOWERS, natural landscape, rich colors –  mesmerizing.

This simple trio in their party hats takes me back to my childhood bring me back to my childhood Halloweens, crafting SPOOKIES with paper and brads.

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