YES, please! June 2022

Welcome to “YES!, Please!” Our note to you about what is resonating and inspiring us right now. Take a peek. We hope you will scroll though and click on the links and relish every moment.


Eternal wonder and INSPIRATION for your garden.

The quiet ELEGANCE of awaiting a fresh steaming cup. 

Tested for mold, mycotoxins and pesticides – an uplifting and rich way to START THE DAY.

The longer days lead to after dinner garden work. I dream of swathes of SNAPDRAGONS and cosmos with a border of Thai basil from here.

You say geranium, I say pelargonium. I just cannot ever pot up too many of these LITTLE BUDDIES.

As Gracie dog is bouncing after bunnies this is helping me learn a LAZULI BUNTING from a Yellow-breasted Chat in the early misty mornings.

The best way to SCRUB the garden off.

SLATHERING this on after wrestling roses is fantastic.


Recommended to me by a local chef and restaurateur, I look forward to READING about breaking barriers, one plate at a time.

This is a serious SING-A-LONG situation. Buddy knows every word. 

Isn’t she LOVELY? A carbon cooktop, a steel fire-bowl, six sticks of firewood, make for a night to remember.  

Nothing like a local RIBEYE

My steadfast wooden tools love a seasonal bath in this BALM.

Simple, Sturdy, Elegant — perfect for CLEANING the garden’s bounty.

Front porch season has begun. Local bitter greens and this BEAUTY set the scene. 


Stop by for a chat soon. We'd love to see you! 

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