YES, please! February 2023 - Archive Edition

We are not sure how elegance and rambunctiousness can go into one, or in this case, two packages but please meet Laura and Sandra. They are the magic behind the things we send out into the larger world. Be it packages or print ads, they had a hand in it. Welcome to the evolving YES, please! Scroll down and click the links to enjoy their picks. 


I just can’t get enough of this color! The subtle variations in HUE reflect the natural pigmentation that comes straight out of the earth. Someday I will have a bathroom where I can soak it in. 

This book is a great source of inspiration for me and my artwork. It’s a highly curated collection of “botanically themed images” that GORGEOUSLY spans history.


HANDMADE beauties that can go with denim or velvet. These boots feel feminine and tough, old school and fresh…

The scale and depth married with the simplicity of the composition is so satisfying to my core; it is SOOTHING and mysterious.

HEARTY enough for a wood stove and elegant enough for the “shelf of beautiful objects”.

I would love to stay in this nest with LAYERS of down and a good book and a thermos of hot Crio Bru.

Glow and BONE; what’s not to love? 


I’m a cat person and I love how these cards PLAYFULLY capture our feline friends acting as humans. The luxurious paper, satin-like ink, bold color and matte presentation make each card a gift all by itself.

I am absolutely obsessed with this Pacific Northwest artist; I love everything he creates. Each chosen stone is EMBELLISHED and sophisticated. Nature snuggly encased in hand woven grandeur.

I abhor bare dirt. I want a big TAPESTRY of a garden where one element runs into another. Where chartreuse runs amuck with burgundy and there are superb shades of green.

I’m a sucker for a great pair of jeans, and this SILHOUETTE is my current favorite.  The exaggerated volume and shape of the leg. Denim with attitude.

I’m watching this series for the THIRD time, and I’m enjoying it more than ever. The characters are… is ECCENTRIC the right word?

I am fairly impatient person, I cannot stand to wait to hear my favorite tunes, so I JUMBLE them all together in the perfect playlist. And KITTENS are the best thing in the whole world!

I worship rocks. Combining the round nature of a perfect rock with the flat medium of leather and cane to create a SPECIFIC symmetry. The process is creative as well as regimented, specific and exacting.

Thanks for your time. We hope you enjoyed our selections.

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