YES, please! December 2022 - Archive Edition

Welcome to an evolution of YES, please! Introducing Haley and Maddie, two stalwart members of the fantastic Walla Walla General Store team. They are the glue that holds this place together. Please enjoy their selections. 


This is the Christmas party dress of my dreams. Over 2000 dried and preserved real CHILI PEPPERS! Spicy! Shiny! Sassy!

I love the mundane subject matter of this bold and expressive painting. I love that the world of the painting is on a funky scale; the animals are bigger than the humans and even the colors are LARGER THAN LIFE.

I will be the first person to say that I can get frazzled and frantic. A big INHALE of this is like a friendly reset of my system. I find a moment of calm and grounding.

This is my favorite movie to watch at Christmas. I sing along to the trolley song, I laugh, I cry. I love the saturated colors, ridiculous hats, and the excitement of the WORLD’S FAIR.

When my Mom and I road-trip from TX to AZ for the holidays, we detour 11 hours to Terlingua. Established in 1903 by the Chisos Mining Company, Terlingua is now part GHOST TOWN, part artist community. We wander the mining cemetery in the crisp air reading headstones with the Santa Fe de Los Pinos mountains watching over us.

I have a small apartment in an old building with few outlets. Charged on a USB tile, this versatile lamp is my constant companion, allowing me to switch the horrifying, offensive, abrasive overhead light OFF and keep my warm, BRIGHT AND GENTLE lamp ON.

Alan Lomax, an independent American ethnomusicologist, created a large sound and image archive of EVERYDAY PEOPLE playing, singing and flat-footing. These intimate recordings takes me back to sitting in my kid chair watching my Dad improvise and rehearse with his various bandmates. 


This amazing paper is made of STONE and is heavy and smooth in my hand. Designed to balance productivity and reflection, the layout allows me to see daily “must do’s” moving to “goal achieved” and I feel proud and successful no matter what the scale of the goal is.

A four inch platform in winter is basically ALL WHEEL DRIVE. It gives an old world vibe with velvet and floral. I feel like this clog could be framed and put in a museum.

I am in LOVE with the sleeves on this sweater! I feel that this handmade sweater would make anything an outfit, bringing a touch of BRAZILIAN SPIRIT to Walla Walla.

Pronounced “Spleht”, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ANCIENT ROMAN walled town of polished marble overlooking the glittering Adriatic. This is a dream destination with its busy beach scene and glorious mountain backdrop. It is also the home of the Froggyland Museum – a must see.

I am completely blown away by the opportunity to be able to wear an original painting. Set in sterling silver, these charms are treasures from an ancient artistic tradition. Dating back to at least the 9TH CENTURY, miniature painting has been around longer than paper has existed. Craft Stories charms are stand alone compositions. Each one an intricate moment of painting based on Indian epics, fables and religious texts.

I dream of a home with this floating on a large wall in a luminous living room. The result of a NOTE slid under the front door, this almost 3 by 5 foot photograph captures a grand room in Dublin, untouched by time. 

My boy Bowie looks handsome and grown up in his Carhartt coat. STYLING on the trail – burr, seed and mud-free at home.

This gentle scrub is calming with cane sugar, Roman chamomile and nourishing safflower oil. I am OBSESSED with its fresh and natural smell. It leaves my reactive skin hydrated and smooth. When I use it I feel elegant and a touch fancy.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate it. 

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