YES, please! August 2022 - Archive Edition

We hope you are loving YESplease!  Our note to you about what is resonating and inspiring us right now. We hope you will scroll through and click on the links and relish every moment. Take a peek! 


Gracie and I have a new ride. Matte black with a basket on the back for the pooch, we are commuting to work with flair. All at the touch of a BUTTON. No petrol necessary.

It is all about the mix. Old and new, inherited and acquired, precious and everyday. I dream of large walls hung from floor to ceiling with a mix of framed postcards from my adventures, artworks from near and far and clean and complex fresh COMPOSITIONS.

There was a time in my life where I drove my Rabbit GTI down the two-tire tracks in the sand, through the beach grasses and scruff, to this beach every day I could. Although I am far, far away on the prairie,  it remains an ICON of summer.

To dive into a design book and disappear into another life is a favorite pastime. To immerse myself in spaces where every element has been considered and nurtured is DREAMY.

Piles of heirloom tomatoes, bushels of greens, boxes of berries, ears and ears of corn… FARMSTAND

At the pool, on the river, at the swimming hole, you need to be FLOATING in style. The coolest new accessory for a hot summer.

Summer nights are a confluence of cricket songs, starlight and whooshing fans. The ideal is  to tumble into a COOL, SOFT, and FLUFFY bed and stay up too late reading. 



SOFT light in the evening encourages lingering conversation and laughter. This set of three little lamps can be charged during the day and popped here and there after dark to create an enchanting setting.

As late summer approaches I dream of a holiday in the loveliest family-run hotel in the South of France. Built within a medieval Bastide, this 400 year old walled town has been lovingly renovated into a LUXURIOUS HILLSIDE HAVEN with a magical swimming pool.

When in France, I park my Fiat the size of a toaster, grab a pan bagnat from the street vendor, head to the beach, float, read, and bathe in the sun on the rocks. Simplement - PARFAIT!

As the years tick by, sunscreen becomes a must. This ONE smells light and fresh, is not sticky or tacky and does not make me shiny or glow like a zombie.

I have never met a mosquito that did not want to be my dearest friend. This spray is keeping them FAR, FAR AWAY.

Pages and pages of boundless inspiration for making my garden a glorious, private RETREAT sparked by bountiful sketches and watercolors of France’s cafes, ruins, vineyards and parks.

Teaming up with Lonna of Halo Garden Design to contemplate the creation of a garden with edible moments and “‘the SWEETEST, most mysterious hazy tangle”, just like in “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

When the heat goes up, the bubbles come out! I love to lounge en plein air on the front porch in my own little bit of Paris, sipping through local favorites from BALBOA, DEVIUM, FOUNDRY, and ROTIE. My preferred way to cool down on summer nights.

Stop by for a chat soon. We'd love to see you! 


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